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Confession: I hate java-based IDEs.

I see Aptana is busy implementing php support to their Eclipse based dev environment. Coming from a java background, I am well used to the monstrous array of Eclipse styled IDEs. Aptana, ‘high level’ drag’n’drop designer tools from Tibco & BEA and of course Eclipse itself, I use them all in current work projects.

But I don’t like them. Any of them.

Primary reason is their slooooooooow code completion components. I’m sick to death of waiting on my stalled dev tool of choice to come back to life, while it tries to figure out just how many members there are in java.util.Date…. is it because Java on the desktop never quite took off amongst the developer community that someone sought revenge with the release of these painstakingly slow GUIs? And that’s before I even get started on Tibco’s Designer (used in their Business Works suite of BPM tools). I’ve been told by a Tibco guy to restart each time memory usage goes above 100 meg. Swing’s memory leaking after that played havoc with updating the drag n drop viewport, to the point where it just didn’t bother.

Whatever people’s view of web apps in the enterprise, what gets me is the guys who make the tools for everyone else are still stuck with such frankly inferior dev editors. Pass me my Textpad please…

  1. Paul Colton says: 4 August 20078:21 pm

    Aptana IDE doesn’t use the same content assist system as Eclipse. We’ve written our own (as well as written our own editors), and we continue to work hard to make it faster and more useful to developers. For example, when writing JavaScript, the Aptana IDE content assist shows you which browsers a particular JavaScript function is available on, allowing developers to quickly decided if they should be using that function or not.

  2. Matt says: 4 August 20079:13 pm

    Paul, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate the extra info Aptana provides besides basic code completion, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t find such functionality useful at times. It’s just the slowness really bites at times…

    Maybe the option of a shortcut key sequence of some type could be useful in Aptana’s case, i.e. don’t invoke assistance unless the dev requests it?

  3. david pasquinelli says: 13 June 20088:43 pm

    ugh. i couldn’t agree more.

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