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Wow cool Google Spreadsheets more powerful than I thought

Didn’t know this, but you can get delayed financial data from Google finance imported into their spreadsheets via built in functions.

One (big) limitation for me: No support for querying historical data, or at least some kind of time series logic for shifting data at end of day. Oh well, can’t have everything. But it does open up Google Finance to real programmatic querying (ie no screen scraping) via the spreadsheets API.

As good as this all is, still took me 2 days to work out they want decimal points expressed as commas…

Also a bug noted – multilanguage support all well & good, but I created my spreadsheet at work and our exit point to the interweb is in Germany, prompting Google to spew out text to me in the wrong language. Even forcing the matter with ‘&hl=en’ appended to the query string doesn’t work on the spreadsheet error msgs (I guess the ajax updates obviously don’t include what I stick on the page url).

Do I get a prize?

Update: Seems someone else wanted historical data too.  I’ll do a bit of digging tomorrow…

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