— aleatory

It’s not just web 2.0 that’s hype

It’s the whole silicon valley run shebang. I see the term web 2.0 has receded into yesteryear, but the hyperbolic bile that first trumpeted it’s arrival is still alive and well. In fact it’s always been here from the moment tech could be defined as a sub culture.

At each iteration, a new god king ascends to the top of the pile with something that reaches a tipping point and breaks into the mainstream. Interviews with all the usual suspects follow, Wired, Time Magazine, Wall St Journal, etc, the deity spreading his message of world peace via a new javascript api…

The truth is there has never been anything socially admirable about tech, silicon valley and the niche behavioural structure that revolves around it. Nothing above any other commercial venture that is. That includes all the open source wizardry, the ‘community led development initiatives’, commercial ‘white papers’, opening up products to an ‘eco system’ of developer-users, the social web.

Sometimes it just seems there’s too much shit out there

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