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Epiphany of the masses

Markets took a tanking today. For what it’s worth, I made a killing over the last two days, a lot on the way up yesterday (quite promising data from everywhere else being overlooked in favour of further banking system woes) and a bit more today on the colossal way down (seen oil rise seemingly without effect and decided the market might wake up to it today).

Apparently the Israeli’s will be hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities soon. Presumably the US will follow? And us with them? Half joking, but wouldn’t be surprised.

I like this post

Edit: Seems the politico making the nuke claims isn’t in danger of getting to make the decision whether to attack Iran. But Oil still went shooting up. Apparently 2 million barrels/day of spare capacity could be ate up by disruption to any of the volatile oil states. Nigeria would still be the obvious concern

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