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C U on the Battlefield?

C U on the Battlefield – the phrase my old Battlefield clan uttered to wish eachother well. Those were the days – US versus Irakies in war-torn Berlin on DC_Final. A classic period of online PC games playing.

Things have changed since then though – I’ve taken to consoles for my online shooters, specifically COD4 on the PS3. BF has a history on the Sony platform, BF2: Modern Combat released on the PS2, but it was an abysmal conversion of the popular PC title. The coming of Battlefield: Bad Company to the PS3 in Europe yesterday has something to prove then. I’ll be getting it and I’ve already played the demo. In short, the single-player sucks but the online play is very reminiscent of the original BF1942 on the PC all those years ago. Gazala comes to mind, damn I can still hear the DC_Final mod theme tune blaring out it’s Arab rhythms. Ok so the latest effort mightn’t be a COD4 beater, but it takes me back to my own Golden Age of gaming, so it’s a worthy addition.

What I dislike intensely is this arse-sucking review from GameSpy.

Granted I don’t click through their daily email to the site everyday, but I hope this fluffy review isn’t typical of ‘independent’ thought on gaming today. The author practically apologises for Dice on graphics (admittedly the BF series was never at the forefront of shooter FX) and drones on and on about the single player plot. You’d think it was some kind of movie. And this in a series famed for one thing only – it’s online experience, where massive maps ensure the fight turns into a series of running private pitched battles, each one having an effect on the overall outcome of epic encounters.

Sigh – maybe it was just all a lot better when I was young…

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