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GX4000 cart sells for £92!

Something’s very wrong when a game almost 20 years old goes for the above on ebay.co.uk – where did all the collectors come from all of a sudden? And why did this renaissance have to coincide with me buying the failed console with a view to playing Pang on it? (Pang also went for a not so ridiculous £70 but still well out of the budget I’m prepared to pay for such retro goodness)

I’ve started a thread over on cpczone’s forum about it, although I’m sure they’ll be as bewildered at the build up in action as I am.

  1. GX4000 black market at aleatory says: 11 July 20083:23 pm

    […] About « GX4000 cart sells for £92! […]

  2. SurveyReviewer says: 20 October 20095:11 am

    I beg to differ, it seems so irony 😛

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