— aleatory

Financially Ignorant Media.

This started as a rant tailing off from my last post, but it’s a clear enough thought in my mind to deserve one of it’s own – the thing that never fails to amaze me in all of this is the delay & fud inherent in financial news as it transports, or mutates rather, itself from the cosy little financial old boy network to the mainstream media.  I call it an old boy network because that’s the only simile that seems appropriate for such misappropriation of information.  And yet both sources of critique exist side-by-side in the public domain:

 One sees only disaster

 The other remains moronically complicit as governments tear down overnight the pillars of a system built up over decades of boom, bust & refinement

How do you split the camps?  Easy – anyone who feels the need to include a description of what short selling is in their article is in the latter.

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