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The Web is Broken v.01

I use Gmail for email.  I use Google Talk to chat.  Now I am being forced to use Gmail to place a video call.

Perhaps I had better switch from Google Talk to Skype…

Let me explain my reasoning, I use Gmail currently with chat disabled.  This improves my browsing performance especially when I have multiple tabs open.  The web’s performance these days is bad enough with the proliferation of enormously cpu-intensive and memory leaking flash sites.  I cannot run two youtube.com tabs simultaneously without my browser having a heart attack.  Until developers like those in charge of Gmail realise the web part of the internet is not for bloated (and highly questionable in terms of usefulness) webapps, my user experience of this part of the net is no longer as smooth and productive as it used to be.  And others like me.

And just after posting how much better web based email is compared with SMTP clients too, sigh…

  1. Ben says: 13 November 20089:13 am

    Completely agree. I went from Skype TO Google talk because of the simple interface, and it not being bloated with useless crap like smilies etc, that and Skype refused to do what I told it to, oh and also it used my bandwidth to relay other people’s calls and file transfers, not cool.

    Google need to pull their finger out and do some updates to the google talk client.

    Why is everything moving towards being completely web-based? It’s completely and utterly pointless. Oh and don’t get me started on how crap Youtube is.

  2. Dazzajay says: 13 November 20089:17 am

    I wouldnt bother switching to Skype either, its broken also.
    It uses YOUR BANDWIDTH to relay OTHER PEOPLES calls, and theres no way to stop it. it wastes your bandwidth, and is Slow as a wet month. Ever tried Playing an Online game while its Relaying somone elses call…. Ping going from 16 to 16000 every few seconds. Its completley retarded.

    I myself can run a Lot of Youtube tabs open in firefox (Not that i do because Flash video is crap)
    Which brings me onto a Second Point: Flash Video = Crap.
    For the SAME FILESISE and BITRATE as one of these tiny, Blurry videos on Craptube, you can get DVD QUALITY XviD.
    What kind of idiot would use somthing as inferior as Youtube is beyond me. Frankly, i can stand it, because every time i want to watch somthing, i have to load a Slow loading video, that is Bluury as crap, and has Terrible audio quality, and if i want to watch it again a few days later, I HAVE TO RE DOWNLOAD IT.
    What the hell happened to Just Downloading a good Quality video, and watching it over and over in good quality?
    Youtube Killed it.

    Now, back to Google Talk.
    Frankly, i couldnt give a rats arse about Emoticons, as IMO they are completley pointless, and a waste of resources (yes i know, not much resources)
    But, as for Group Voice Chat, and Video Chat, they are NEEDED in the app, as having them in the Site only is Complete Shit. Slow, laggy, Annoying to NEED to leave browser open all the time, Crap.

    Google need to get off their arse and Fix this crap.

    Dont let Gtalk be like Chrome (a complete failure)

    and thats the end of my /rant.

  3. Matt says: 13 November 20082:01 pm

    Strong opinions! While I’m surprised the negative feedback on this news isn’t greater given the woeful inability to keep Google Talk current – “There are no plans right now to add video to Talk” – I guess it shows how much fanboy crap there is being pushed out onto the web these days. Go to any blog search site and try to find a negative post on this. I could only find the link in the post above, and it’s not really a blog in the strict sense.

    Re YouTube, are there any alternatives on the web right now that don’t rely on Flash?

  4. Dazzajay says: 13 November 20086:41 pm

    Nope, as far as i know, all stupid Web-Video sites Use the Terrible Flash.

    But i must say, Red Vs Blue (a Halo 2 Machinima group) Used a Flash Player, but got it to play .MP4
    Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 480×270 [Video]
    Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 1411Kbps [Audio]

    and you know what, it looked brilliant.

    Which goes to show that you CAN use other formats thru these idiotic flash players, hust most places like youtube dont want to.

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