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The Web is Broken v.02

‘Portals’ as they were have died:  iGoogle & Facebook have placed faith in the tab.  More than merely a user-experience metaphor, the tab allows apps to take back the browser from the platform, and in doing so affords the user a higher performance, leaving behind all those clunky multi-layered flash/js/iframe flashing lights, a la MySpace.

Except that Facebook’s performance seems to have gotten worse since it’s renovations.  The umpteen ajax updaters located at various points around the page seem to wind the browser response down to a gradual, slow, painful death.  Adding that to Gmail and Ebay in the list of pre-Alpha sites intent on destroying my browser window.

 And I’m also adding a 2nd Adobe ‘platform’ to the blacklist of general technological cancers killing off the interwebs.  Yes that’s right Acrobat Reader, global standard for electronic document stalling.

And Google now have the temerity to add a link to Gmail claiming to speed up the browser!

Noob converter…

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