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Things to Look Forward to in HTML 5

the HTML 5 spec is being developed with the intention of updating the language to better reflect what it is used for in today’s web.  Namely web applications.  It notes the rise of third party addons such as Flash and marks itself out as an open alternative.

Real 2-Way Communication between Browser and Web Server – no more ajax hacks?

Cross Document Messaging – a way to allow interdomain communication without resorting to json and without the issue of xss?

Real Drag n Drop – no more ugly multiple browser workarounds or bloated client side apis?

Embedding Video, etc Directly in a Document – no more cpu-hogging, memory leaking flash-based video sites?

Firefox  3.1 beta 2 has support for several elements of the spec, including the video element and Canvas (Scripting access to images).  IE8 beta 2 is working on bits and pieces too (Cross Document Messaging) the production release of which is thought to be pencilled in for the first half 2009.Both IE & FF are also having a stab at cross site XmlHttpRequests, which while I think is not specifically referring to the above HTML5 spec, should still provide the necessary power.

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