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What I’ve Been Browsing

PhpQuery  Brings jquery css selectors to php, negating the need for static in-place html file manipulation or heavy lifting with xml libs (bearing in mind SimpleXml only offers read-only access) .  For those well-versed in the original client side library, anything that brings the tools of the two tiers closer together must be a good thing.

How to remove the stripe from my plasma.

DIY Broker/Dealer – surely only a matter of time before government begins to give out grants for any such financial innovators?! 

Watched an old Hacker Defender rootkit vid while cleaning out my main laptop last night.  Doesn’t appear to be active any longer?  What’s the leading (in)security tool in a post-Vista world?  The Bluepill poc was the closest to ‘new’ & ‘works’ (well, maybe) that I could find.  I’m obviously not moving in the right circles

Thummit Twitter powered sentiment engine.  Not sure how it works at this stage and it’s a US-only beta for now.

Noted how Scalr‘s feature set is ahead of Amazon’s own management console, for now at least.  It uses preset Amazon Machine Images to setup a self-scaling environment.

User/Developer interaction widget.  Not a new idea apparently but the Scalr site was the first I’d seen of one.

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