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What’s Been on my Mind

happy that roaming data rates will fall, maybe even rendering the service useful? 

Someday I will get round to hacking these things – netbooks diy minority report arduino

social security for freelancers – can’t believe webworkerdaily, techcrunch, etc aren’t covering this, ofte wonder if they’re seriously interested in the online ecosystem?

SWFscan.  Got a mail on this the other day – how (in)secure are flash apps?  I’ve never heard of a flash (read: silverlight/flex/any other ria tech) security expert…

swish new look for the micro$oft web partners?

Caught with his pants down

Ever experienced one of these? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob

How I laughed

  Royal Mount Ambush on Upper Lips and agreeing with the chap a bit. 

A career move?

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