— aleatory

&*!@ing Gaming

I have a PS3.  It’s cool.  A Blu-Ray player for when I finally get a Blu-Ray disc for my pathetic dvd collection.  A music library that can pump sounds through my plasma’s impressive speakers.  And best of all a slick collection of best of breed gaming titles.  And yes, at first glance my small collection of hand-picked gems includes imho some of the best moments of 7th generation gaming.  Between COD4, FarCry2, Battlefield:BadCompany & WipEoutHD I get all that I need from my little slice of domestic arcadia pie.But I have had massive problems with all but one.

  • COD4 has spent a large percentage of it’s lifetime in the “Downloading game settings” state.
  • Battlefield:BadCompany refuses to allow me to invite or join would-be squad members
  • WipEoutHD’s brittle save files corrupt themselves if stared at too long

 Some days it really is a pain.  That these kinds of amateurish problems still present themselves is a sure sign that for all the talk, the industry has not yet matured to the quality or stature of other entertainment business.

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