— aleatory

Trusting Facebook Apps…

Facebook security policy places your trust of third party apps in the hands of your friends …by default! First of all, to rectify your own account, go to FB’s privacy page and unselect everything your uncomfortable with – I unchecked all bar my profile pic – only came across this after a chance reading of zdnet.

Before you change these settings the apps your friends install have instant access to your employment history, political views, etc, etc all out of the box. I’ve nothing against my fb-connected friends but some of the apps they blindly opt into had me googling up how to dig into FB’s arcane maze of options in a mild panic.

Don’t get me wrong, they do win at letting you customise to your hearts content, what with blacklists, whitelists and any combination thereof, but to leave something like this as the standard setting is pretty crazy imo.

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