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Technology does not always help; the distraction that almost lost the war

Technorati lays off 10% (4!) of it’s workforce, TechCrunch reports it states the reduction is not due to a lack of growth – I’ll tell you what it’s due to for free – Technorati sucks as a blog search tool. I have never got more than one insightful relevant blog posting in any search I’ve made via that site if at all.

how to take screenshots/vids on the ps3

dbs in the sky – shared nothing architecture, faster, simpler

a twitter viral

Ligit.com – indexing your online content and that of your network for others to search, neat idea but what if part of me says “I don’t care who I get my results from”? Another search vector and potentially highly effective, but surely only as good as the users network? I’m sure the great social meme will ensure it rockets though.Edit: I went away and thought how easy it would be to create a copycat service using Google Custom Search Engine – then read that’s exactly what Ligit does…

StockTwits web2.0’s answer to trade ideas something that was started back in 2005, as a kind of semi-open (to the industry itself that is) banking cooperative. Back in the days when banks didn’t do cooperative.In the same vein

I’m addicted to SL business stories

I subscribe to a bunch of other blogs, yet don’t really have a blogroll as such yet. But when I do Howard Lindzon will be on it.

The best wiki?

the suits
oh noes – the suits are in!! The elephant is about to enter the room. Still cron support is most welcome.

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