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What’s Been on My Mind

Norn Iron hack guy – and thanks for the mint plants!

If earnings have ‘beaten’ analyst estimates yet fallen so sharply, perhaps an important question might be are the analyst estimates for these companies market cap equally low?

Having fun with Google insights – certainly looks to have predictive qualities about it I feel. No better barometer of the mass market? #moreonthislater

If this is a bear market rally, what this guy is saying about current ‘stabilising economy’ stories that have been fashionable of late is true

weapons + procedural code = avalanche

MyBlogLog and all associated community interaction remains the most confusing thing on the web today. From both a what’s under-the-hood POV & a what is it’s purpose one. Rivalled maybe by disqus.com

Mac creatives no different to the rest of us? #flamebait & taking things too seriously?

anyone been to the casino?

came up against this buglet in Django templates

The economics of piracy

I googled for consensus on this – before I found it on the existing UI right in front of me. Not sure whether that says more about me or the interface?

found out radio surf’s playlist. yes that playlist – but it seems it’s an in-house creation?

appstore game dev releases sales figures as marketing ploy, rest of universe copies. Enough already!

I don’t think a word has ever promised so much yet delivered so little

wordpress 2.2.1 sucks arse on Chrome.

more word up – sockpuppet & astroturfing

for pc, xbox360 and zune. why no ps3 competitor?

seriously, wtf?

hmm, how far can I stretch this?

image of last week“so who do you really work for?” 

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