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Delayed What’s Been On My Mind

Addition to provisional blogroll

erlang better suited to rapid development of distributed high availability systems than c++

hmmm erlang eh…

and it’s going to win the war soldier…

gnuTrade has an api

Hopefully not gone for long

left-wing mashups

Integrate feedburner & google analytics statistics?

I want this guy for my game music

the Google Loo
I want to try this

best blog name

Webby vote rigging as standard. 7000 gamer points? I sold out

Another webby point – if they’re going to award browser based games, where was Quake Live and I assume BF Heroes will be up for nomination next year? They run from the browser via a plugin too. Bit of a joke award that.

would make a great headline

Old but intelligent post on just how difficult it is for ad-based revenue models to succeed. added to my nascent blogroll

on behalf of all developers not yet working on mobile platforms, when are all these store silos going to be able to talk to eachother?

Yes we are a real bank

Canvas on Chrome. I created a Pipes RSS feed for it here

I did not know that

I like the dropbox idea http://soundcloud.com

I’ve got a defunct toaster. hmmm


Deadmau3 talks shop

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