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Friday Linkjam

Chrome gets faster

wolfenstein 3d javascript port cum flickr mashup

My hosting provider just granted universal unlimited space and traffic for a few quid a month. Interested? Sign up here

We need an animoto for video – something that will cut according to audio, action, soundtrack, ‘whitespace’, etc automagically. The technologies bound to be there and it’d make for instant polished moving pictures publishing, allowing viewers to follow in near realtime and participants to get on with the event.

more on the vc funding thing

the suits
more attack of the suits

watching the playing field

looking for an floss alternative to mashery api management

I get crowd-sourced wisdom but how jigsale relates to it is unclear

how to kill creativity on the web – it’s becoming clear the MVC architecture is being increasingly poisoned by enterprise marketingware.

The story of Now Zad – note the image highlighting how muddy the terrain gets in the south with the winter rains.

what the semantic web runs on, the data available and the opening up of this data to the client

still ignoring data roaming

lol @ first comment for TC item on Belfast Mountaineer Gavin Bate and his highest twitter update

twitter for voice

too many
too many tabs

We all did treasure hunts as kids didn’t we? I made the mistake of not having a starter clue, meaning mates had to search aimlessly for the first one, inevitably to find another clue out of sequence instead. Learn to avoid such fails in today’s technology-laden variant, Alternate Reality Gaming, at a surprisingly busy transbelfast

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