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Playstation Gamer Tag

Just finished release 1 of a nice and simple Facebook app that allows you to show off your Playstation Portable ID to your network. It shows among other things your last played online game and your trophy list including a breakdown across platinum, gold, silver & bronze.

Here is mine as an example

This gucci Portable ID that displays trophy count is only available from Playstation’s EU community site and so this is why Gamer Tag instructs the user to register there. The process is quite labourious but to help there is a great step-by-step guide at iTrophies.

As my first Facebook app I was surprised at the incomplete nature of documentation available, especially on the official dev site itself. Although concepts became less hazy by the time I fleshed out the full application life cycle it took a while for the building blocks to fall into place. The multi-dimensional nature of developing for the Facebook platform – i.e. working across 3 domains each with their own specific script or markup language – made for a trial and error development experience.

There are a lot of different paths into a facebook app and thus the challenge comes in creating a bullet-proof application that will withstand the many methods users will find to get to my little app. Storyboarding the various steps in signing up users helps immensely and can be safely broking down into a number of discrete steps.

This is definitely something that merits further discussion so look out for a tutorial somewhere in the not-too-distant future.

You can try it out for yourself here.

  1. aleatory says: 19 June 200910:09 am

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  3. Free PS3 Slim says: 19 August 20099:30 pm

    Great reading, thank you

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