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Friday Linkjam

3 things twitter *needs* in it’s web interface –

  • it already tells you how many new DMs you have without moving from your homepage – why not @rutherford responses and RTs?
  • the ‘in response to’ footer should point us to the conversation the person we follow was updating, not just the single status update. Something similar to Facebook’s wall-to-wall.
  • a RT option beside the fave and reply buttons.
  • Secondary markets for private companies. SecondMarket.com is the first to go beyond Accredited Investors – service available to all sellers

    Sony’s answer to my – so far unique – Facebook app

    Manhattan Auction – does this actually help shift equity?

    Nice rebuttal of Google Analytics criticism

    Backing up my post on Wednesday

    Squared – wonder if Google uses same stochastic search to find subjects for these results? probably if this example is anything to go by. Lots of key phrase type groupings. I had suspected the Wave annoucement to be a marketing ploy to drown out Bing in a hail of fanboy noise, but there doesn’t seem to be any decrease in Google’s idea churn rate.

    BF sensory overload

    But will it have another bombing run?

    who stands to win the digital contracts if Arnie gets his way?

    This article is rubbish without pictures & just as I thought RMT was about to enter the mainstream

    Wanting to get an N64

    Tip for videobloggers – if you’re going to make a vlog, make sure you know what you’re going to say…

    The Emperor has no Clothes

    This is a blog about the web including the machines, markets & learning required to advance it – well here’s a site that covers markets & learning (albeit of the non-machine variety). If they are anything to go by, the future web appears costly – they cream off up to 60% of profits in their myriad of marketplaces

    YouNoodle.com – tracking startup buzz in some quasi-scientific method, some social network features – not too much hopefully. And a stupid name

    ps3 modding stuff

    The Email? Great to see energy surrounding building something here, hopefully the message doesn’t drown out the product.

    http://o.ly – World’s shortest url shortener, no mention of it anywhere else though. Interesting bit on the limits of url shorteners

    Following on from a recent post, this might be good

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