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Friday Linkdump

notification adverts
not really a fan of this from a ux pov, wonder what general feedback is

better than paypal for micropayments?

facebook cpc click fraud controversy – reading the WickedFire board was fun

cool tool


didn’t know this could be done

this group should be seeing loads more activity

HTML5 discussion at /. including an open letter railing against the evils of javascript in manipulating html5 structs. Thankfully they all lived happily ever after [corrected original article], although surely a sign of the difficulties involved & simultaneous innovation & standardisation?

just noticed that links in Google docs don’t extend automatically when you continue typing after the url gets pasted – Google docs dev team next target: world peace

The piecemeal trading of design interests me. How does such stuff standardise on architecture? jquery, plugins, commenting systems, it isn’t just ephemeral cool squiggles and colours anymore – it’s whole user experiences with the wires ready to plug in to your engine of choice. Er, I assume. Anyway I want to have a blast at it sometime. More from a “yeah I’ve got a portfolio at blah.com” sort of a way than anything else admittedly but there you go.


looked at CSS event selectors and hummed a bit. But I don’t need to use CSS style to separate events from markup?

wtf -> “Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group – Go directly to xyz’s page from anywhere…” Eh, you mean like a hyperlink??? And I guess that’s one 3rd party dev project FB has killed off http://profile.to

now i get the whole affiliate linkers / adwords thing

It’s like the sky filling up with pilots.” Chris Taylor, Gas Powered Games on competition

fucking hell!

Mafia Wars now has a lotto – do you think they’re running out of money grabbing ideas?

First to get all the skeleton’s out of the interweb closet: I contribute to 4chan

Mulitplayer Snes!

looking forward to opening up the silk road

virtual participation

microtransactions & 100meg file sharing in beta @ yahoo mail – when’s gmail going to give us this? Come to think of it, when are we going to be allowed develop apps for webmail systems?

getting back on the machine readable theme: initially US employment & volume reports, fairly black and white processing involved (binary result) but it’s a sign of commercial viability

Interesting article on Digg buying

A while back I wrote about Google Wave and how it appeared to be their take on Facebook’s news stream. That doesn’t appear to be a coincidence

128 a side battles the day before Modern Warfare 2 hits shops

Can’t believe I missed this

Just like a real bank! with real-life pretend solutions too!

has ANYONE managed to get their hands on this? Japanese Outlook SKU perhaps? no…

first iphone app I’ve thought was cool

This is a masterstroke – not because it’s great or anything but because Arrington could sell anything with that brand

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