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Finish Line Thoughts

Now that we’ve arrived in UB and had the closing party here’s a few things

  • Globalisation has made things less hassle but also less interesting.
  • Lowest price hotel – $4 in Tajik Pamirs
  • I have to learn to swim better but river swimming is cool
  • Soviet style border bureaucacy is worse in the ‘new’ Republics than Russia itself
  • If someone utters ‘foot deep potholes’ don’t listen to their views on road quality – they’ve never been off the motorway
  • Things I missed out on:  Bukhara market Uzbekistan, Gates of Hell Turkmenistan, Iran
  • Number of weddings attended: 1
  • Best city – tie between Ashgabat & Istanbul but the phrase ‘great for a weekend’ still applies
  • Suzukis give most ‘never say die’ per pound sterling
  • Cost of Trans Siberian from UB to Moscow is ~120 quid.  It took far too long to find out this basic info on the internets.  Too much expensive ‘travel guide’ crap getting in the way
  • I was previously unaware how Asian Central Asians looked.  Imagined Persian-speaking Tajiks to be predominantly similar to Afghans.  Not the case
  • ‘We are Turks’ – Kazakh educated man in Olgii, Western Mongolia.  Also share their religion
  • All the horror stories you’ve heard about those boats crossing the Caspian are true
  • Bulgarian traffic policing is a complete joke.  Some states are going to need lessons in how to be good Europeans.  And yes I realise how ironic that statement is coming from me
  • 3 man water balloon launchers have a range of over 100 metres in dead wind
  • Gap in the market for British style kebabs from Turkey onwards
  • Best pizza/worst pizza – Holiday Inn, Sarajevo/finish line cafe UB
  • Best fast food – Either egg burger in Big Burger UB or kebabi bap in Osh, Kyrgyzstan
  • I haven’t had breakfast yet…

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  1. Nirodha says: 19 December 201512:30 pm

    I agree with you. Especially if a self-published author is tinryg to build a career, they need to stay honest. I guess I’m not totally against the idea of paying for a review it’s a service like any other, right? except that review would have to be genuine. So if the reviewer read your book, didn’t like it, and posted a negative review, you’d just have to deal with it and accept that you’d lost some money. I know that when I agree to review a book for a fellow self-published author, I’m always honest. I’ve reviewed I think four novels so far, and I’ve only given out one 5/5 rating. In this global age, everything we post on the internet can be accessed by everyone, and if you don’t act with integrity, it’s hard to get people to trust you.

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