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Friday Linkdump

iphone in most popular camera on flickr shock – 2 megapixel camera – my 3 year old phone is better than that!

Worrying developments, When I criss-crossed the Tajik-Afghani border last month the tense atmosphere was palpable. Tajiks largely ignored what went on 100metres across the river – or pretended to at least.

8bit choons

javascript game engine

Yahoo Pipes outputs serialised php. All they need to do now is open up the pipe creation process to an api and we’re in business.

hired guns goons

Google businesses like to release their developments in clumps:
I want to produce a monetized vidyo
YouTube – the net’s home cinema?

instant virality

ddos: A money spinner for both white & black hats

Alternate Reality theme parks

a renaissance in the InfoSec sector?

security technocrats see rewiring the web as another moneyspinner security risk

open source is a viral production phenomenon

I like frameworks like this. minimal.

these figures seem really high

Google takes valid problem (broken web) and shoehorns in unrelated fix

flash no longer required #492 & #493

Elite is 25: Randomising Elite’s universe with the Fibonacci sequence

the cloud isn’t so transparent

My first design lesson

html5. lots to think about. Can’t help but wonder how long the wait will be though

And Ebay kills my Google Chrome for some reason.

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