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Friday Linkdump

milliondollarhomepage.com 2.0

best site tagline

look just build a fucking football stadium on it


cool retro branding but way too much web2.0 nicey nicey fuck you thricey metaphor use

I like the way Gumtree asks if you want to bump your ad by premium sms – a micropayment service everyone has & is familiar with. Was extremely tempted whereas with online payment it would have been ‘no chance’ straight off the bat

old but laughed out loud

the law’s an ass. no really

Not impressed by this carry on

Going out and doing it

$38 netbook

creating a framerate profiler from the top

using logic analysers and such for cool shit

commanded ‘from’ not ‘by’ actually

I would be extremely surprised if this succeeds in anything more than enforcing ‘letter of the law’ marking. What about creative writing?

Only noticed last month!

required reading for Google App Engine folks

this article is good idea juice

biggest criticism of Google yet I reckon

insightful article into traditional media, paywalls & ad-supported sites

America the new Japan?

hope to bid for this domain

tidal wave of pre-built competition for iphone devs?

hack the press“: I like

the worst away end in football

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  1. Sandro says: 19 December 201512:42 pm

    Actually, you can’t tell someone not to fltater reposter… But a reposter doesn’t anything to post about if no one produces content. So, actually, the reposter should flattr the content producer or donate a major part to the producers But it’s unlikely going to do that way (which, I think, should be the correct way to doa0it.)EVERY work is valuable — even reproducing — but you can’t forget the original work. You can’t rely on the fact that anyone knows that that work isn’t original, and is conscious that he’s giving credit to the reposter, and not the original post.There is a practical problem (I think) here:a content reproducer which uses flattr, will put a flattr button on every post (as netzpolitik.org does).This isn’t correct, because in this way, the button assumes the value of “I like this CONTENT”.But you’re saying (and I agree with that): “I like your work of RE-SHARING.”So, the problem would be solved by having a single flattr button on the reposter site, which points to a single flattr resource: the site itself. NOT every content published, because it would be misleading.Anyway, content producers could just go “in the legal way” and ask the re-sharer to stop sharing the contents, or stop to getting credits/money/flattrs.If you care about my opinion about re-posters: 1 flattr button for the whole site or ban from flattr community. Re-sharing is good, but you can’t toggle credits to others and make a business from it (especially because you’re violating flattr’s rules).Nice post, anyway!~Aki

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