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Friday Linkdump

Are you currently in South Waziristan? Crowd-sourced news BBC style – “At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

phrase of the week: digital triumphalism << the lording over people who don't grok has got to stop. Especially on Twitter repeat-after-me.jpgM$ celebrate launch of Windows 7 with pre-installed zombie mode

looking for a new typeface for the web but don’t want to force the user to download new fonts or waste bandwidth on fugly images? The 80s has your answer my friend

stackoverflow gives amazingly quick answer turnaround times. Shows the power of adding rich community features to a site.

gamers are thee-most opinionated web surfers period

how I felt this week. Seriously, can anyone do this right?

ctl-space to remove formatting, embedded web forms in spreadsheets, google docs you’re my hero


black gold and it’s derivatives

the good informations

when will google translate directly from the one box? And why is it’s english to french translation broken?

Israel hit Gaza with an air strike – though no comment on whether the appearance of Nick Griffin on the BBC was being used as cover

a choice quote that I can’t resist: “Question Time is scheduled for 10.35pm tonight and will be a milestone in the indomitable march of the British National Party towards saving our country” Nick Griffin perhaps overstating the importance of David Dimbleby’s Current Affairs show

Hmm two linkdumps in succession, I’ve broken one of my internal checks and balances. Normal service will be resumed

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