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Apparatchiks Vs Technocrats?

This was sitting in draft form for a while now – I’m not sure why but probably until I fleshed it out a bit more. Here it is in unbridled terseness

Let me begin by saying I don’t want this blog infected with politics.

Notwithstanding this fact I wish to proceed momentarily by injecting a healthy dose of the political clap.

We want entrepreneurs vs we want more of the same.

Approximate equal sums for both – but where is the greater need? Embed another 30 political idealists in sufficient exposure to a narrow minded zero-sum status quo in order to espouse a continued malaise of divided nationalism or 15 entrepreneurs potentially showing more of the ambition and smarts that will begin redirecting the global capital flow home to NI?

Don’t feed the trolls – don’t give politics students money for watching how not to do things!

Giving them what amounts to a minimum wage would create more economic benefit if they were told to operate a car wash for the monies. At least you’d have 30 skilled workers at the end of it.

This was a party political broadcast from the Politics-Is-Not-An-Industry Party

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