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MW2: The First 12 Hours

First of all – thanks Asda for selling it at 32 quid.

111009.jpgPlayed single player reg through til completion and while it was as polished as you’d expect from the Modern Warfare franchise it failed to eclipse the heart-pounding immersive nervousness of the original’s ghillie-suit level. Also the kablamo’ed White House scenario seemed to be lifted straight from COD5’s Reichstag finale. Ditto with the staggered progression as seen from the eyes of US Army Rangers and their SF counterparts. Personally I find that sort of storytelling disjointed and a distraction.

The storyline didn’t really hoick me in either. I’m mega into the Roosky-Arab underworld conspiracy stuff but found thrashing around the Favellas and the White House a bit too Generic Shooter III.

But I’m ignoring a certain 0-day elephant in the room here too – because as polished as the single player existence is, Infinity Ward released a patch that had the side-effect of refusing to award me any trophies. They’re working on a fix. I’ll be blunt – this sucks arse.

But I did get to use the LSW (with optional SUSAT) and a bunch of Zodaics. So that was nice.

Next up was the Multiplayer element and I am not enamoured with Infinity Ward on their ‘work’ here at all. It feels like a COD4 Add-on Pack. Sure there are lots more (ridiculous) customisations to be proffed but it’s the same game. Maps seem to be slighty larger but complete with the same failings:

  • A physics engine that can’t work out how to fit two players through a doorway in an orderly fashion
  • Peer 2 Peer servers. Ok so they’ve added a ‘server migration’ feature that moves the game onto another users PS3 if the current server user fecks off. But that’s just a cure. Dedicated servers would have been prevention.
  •  The traditional annoyances at attempting to get a party organised remains, and seemingly like the trophies function, is actually impossible thanks to a broken update, the fix of which is expected Friday.
  • So there you go. I’ve now got MW2 and it feels the way I would if I was into football titles and bought two successive ProEvo/FIFA releases: They’re great games in their own right, but over the course of a year nothing evolutionary has happened to the franchise.

    And that’s a real pity.

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