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Friday Linkdump

linking to a specific time frame in youtube vids – append ‘#t=xmys’ to the url, where x,y are the number of seconds, minutes respectively like this

picked this up late – you can now delete your GAE apps

the great big massive ‘subscribe via email’ at the top of Boris Johnson’s blog tells me feeds might still just be a data muncher thing

“Can we just look at what the local market is, instead of dreaming of a large spaceship coming here from Japan and giving us some hi-tech employment.” Local businessman’s opinion on the money being splashed out in the regional development agencies race for ‘hi-tech’

get rich or die tryin’

The thing is, nanotechnology has been buzzed about for a good decade now and I still haven’t seen any life enhancing products drop out of the sky from it yet. Still, 20 years to immortality apparently

old but weird but cool

current phots from the medics’ perspective on the Helmand frontline

oh for fuck sake

Ist bin ein Berliner? Surely Twitter is one thing that’ll never be quite that big in Germany?

riveting story in this month’s UK wired

virality in 2.5 pages

these people get how web marketing works so fucking well

if I have my google cookie set & go to gmail.google.com I am presented with my inbox. If I go to analytics.google.com I am presented with an ‘access analytics’ button. Er, why?

Thought SwarmDoc’s original name was a bit of a joke http://notoair.com/

Snapshots-infected pages annoy me – can they not just require a click to prevent popup spam

so who’s gonna reserve their Cantonese domain name?

google adwords keyword tool is interesting

nice example of instant virality on FB (redirects to their new mafia game)

freemarket questioned

This review made me wish I was there

chrome: more work required

why atom is superior to RSS

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  1. Tequan says: 19 December 201512:46 pm

    Try it in IE. Seems to work fine for me. Doesn’t come in Firefox for some reason.RYK : It is baecnkded with a simple model. No rocket science. But I think seeing things visually helps get the point home about where the effect of changes.

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