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Friday Linkdump

US Navy lags 18 months behind Wired who spat out a Piracy-awareness (well what else do you call it?) game in July. While the lag is shocking (won’t there be a new crisis by 2011?) each will be distributed to a different audience. The web may be open, but people still work with what they know – trenchline browsing.

green soothing light of slashdotThe Soothing Green Light

I initially thought this was going to be a ridiculous article. 5 paragraphs later I was proved wrong. Rings very true but does this mean we’re now going to be inundated with sites imploring us to level up?

how to concatenate strings efficiently in Python – shame cStringIO doesn’t support unicode though

webspiders with a cause

Google Groups OptionsGoogle Groups Email Alerts

< It's taken me 3 years to discover that clicking options gets me emailed alerts >

icanhascheezburger.com grew organically. Revenue generation then expansion. Partly I presume because they couldn’t pitch cats to angel investors. Puts ‘serious’ tech to shame though.

patterns in randomness

Tactical Nuclear Penguin and more great individualistic beers no doubt – but they look like they’re fighting for attention from under that monolithic typeface

4 points on growing a web community

double shotgun dude is a dog rapist

thought this comparison was revealing

WakeMate is a mobile phone accessory that allows you to get the most refreshing sleep possible. It’s also y-combinator sourced. hat tip to @paulmckeever

ponies with pink flower hooves or, Socotra.

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