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Friday Linkdump

ninja monkey
I previously hit on the problem of China as a source (or at least carrier) of malware. Perhaps because of this I’ve been taking a greater interest in news from the Orient. And it seems weird shit regularly goes down in China: ninja monkeys & explosive sausages

I liked remote farming , also signed up as a spotter

In a counter-counter-culture rage, I bought two t-shirts @ https://shop.conservatives.com/

Searching “Belfast Telegraph startup” on Google brings back a BT article about the startups in Dublin. Just another reason why NI needs another national newspaper

Emerging markets & Stamps were the best performing investments of the past decade

using your own brand weight to increase sales

lots of new (Apple iTablet-inspired?) remixes for computers coming online

Yahoo says Adobe cross-platform products to be malware’s vector of choice in 2010 – no shit – I reckon the 0-day exploit described in the article was what hit me a few weeks back – also true say regarding end-users not keeping adobe stuff up to date.

nice comparison of posterous & tumblr: sold me on posterous

just how much of the world’s web traffic does bit.ly (and the others) capture? Infinite marketing possibilities here I feel

the internet’s simplest article on css centring

Never realised there were so many euro battlegroups. Note although their EU badging, constituent nations neither have to be a member of the EU nor are EU member states required to sign up.

4v4v4v4 deathmatch


I was one of those who commented on Google’s ‘Meaning of Open’ blogpost and then they went on to lock it, deleting all contributions. Open?

“up and to the right” was cool though

Making money from other people’s work – Banksy’s graffiti is public domain, so it’s a bit cheeky to profit from it. Not that I wouldn’t, but you know, jus’ sayin’

is this anything more than a tagging engine?

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