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Friday Linkdump

the latest I Am Fighter

whatever happened to http://datatables.org/

Deadlock immunity is a new paradigm in autonomous software mimicking natural systems: An equipped machine records a deadlock pattern, uploads this vaccine to the cloud and pending staged verification the entire network benefits from it. Dimmunix is an open source implementation.

any Belfastards report to the 2009 Feltron effort?

EVE catchup

year old FT article about tech bootstrapping

TicketStumbler founder Davis on creating usable filtering aggregates

Widely read Dave McClure article on how to win at online payment and following that, the paypal mafia

Never Stop RelaxingTM

personal manufacturing

facebook analytics. Like a lot of their stuff this is merely copying existing web functionality onto the Facebook platform. Capturing content. The value is also debatable seeing as the newstream model means a post will be rendered many times in the same user’s browser.

great processing.js html5 drawing canvas

windows 7 speech api

recycling old routers

underboobs – the new cleavage? I prefer a healthy combination of both

a rum for my personal qualities? =)

very cool rich html copy n paste support for sites. Yeah unfortunately uses small bit of flash

how to mark up your content for rich snippet display on google search results

Future Proof is a machinima developed using Unreal 3 Engine for the space MMORPG Eve Online. In HD

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