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Irish Moss: A Review

So there’s a corner shop up the road run by a family of Kurds and as well as being open everytime I walk past (it’s got to be practically 24 hour) they do a disparate range of foodstuffs from around the world.

One such item is a drink called Irish Moss. From Jamaica, it inexplicably comes in peanut butter flavour. In a tin (of the canned tomato type) although you do get a quaint ring pull.

Irish Moss Front Elevation

So each time I went into this shop the vaguely alarming Irish Moss would be there immediately to my left staring me down, daring me to pick it up in comedy red button ‘do not touch’ style.

Today I bought one and here’s the unboxing:

Irish Moss Street Level

One Irish Moss One Cup

Irish Moss Opening

It is thick goop. In my excitement I forgot to shake and initially after opening and lifting it into the glass nothing came out bar a few heavy surface blobs.

Irish Moss Pouring

Few quick shakes later and it emptied surprisingly well.

Irish Moss Ingredients

According to wikipedia, Carrageenan – what you call the seaweed it’s made from – has aphrodisiac qualities. This however was overshadowed by the fact it looks like a pot of whale cum and tastes what you’d imagine same to taste like. Only with peanuts naturally. Maybe it’s a Yardie thing?

Irish Moss Close Up

Apparently it’s used in ice-cream too. Will try not to think about that much.

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