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facebook seoI get asked quite a bit if sites can use their facebook page to create inbound links to their homepage for Search Engine Optimisation purposes.

First off I point out that although FB Pages are public, Facebook adds rel=”nofollow” to all external links posted on users & pages walls, meaning no benefit for seo.
However I have seen a number of SEO-sites claim that adding one of the many RSS feed apps to their fb page and configuring it to auto publish their target site feed will result in the fb link juice flowing back to them.

not so.

A cursory glance at the structure of fb pages dispels this myth:

The special tabs that display these feeds are rendered inside special CDATA sections that facebook javascript libraries then parse themselves. And search engines don’t crawl this data – especially in it’s ugly preprocessed javascript-escaped format.
The only way to display untampered urls within facebook is in a fully fledged application iframe – and even then these are the poorest inbound links possible as users installing them on their facebook profiles is still optimistically hoping the profile will be a) public in it’s entirety and b) indexed by Google.

They also ask about page apps like RSS Graffiti, Networked Blogs or Social RSS but the bottom line is it’s impossible for them to publish indexable links within the public facebook page structure (and besides, some of them mangle your links through their own forwarding service anyway). So don’t waste your time – Faceook links are not an aid to SEO.

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