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Friday Linkdump

Take deep breath and…


High Contrast Image
I just got me some contrast

true UI innovation – prefab

should billing solutions be this expensive? is whacking a paypal badge on your site not free and relatively painless?

nice – google analytics now asynchronous

some nice stuff on python especially it’s meta-classing capabilities

street fighting mathematics

the markets of Eve and a discussion from the game’s top economist

quality pointers on what makes good web design

python’s potential role in derivatives contract audit

Mastercard’s Emerging Markets City Index – where do you fancy working? Ankara, Santiago or St Petersburg for me

Command Line Amazon

Paper Cobra

It be happening again

Strange user survey – why would any programmer have a credible grasp of all those frameworks?

Tyrannis paves the way for DUST 514 and an ‘all encompassing sci-fi simulator

Don’t work like me unless you’re crazy too” The creator explains Super Mario Crossover

Beating justgiving: Commission free charity payments

seed bomb dispenser

rkill and ComboFix saved my Windows from Alureon rootkit – via a suspected java exploit btw

too cool – the entire Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros as a desktop background

odds on Jobs secretly locking himself in a cupboard whilst tied up in a gimp suit at weekends: 1/3 ON

nice to read a genuinely insightful interview every once in a while – the future for google docs

Adventures with html5’s audio tag

The Eve modus operandi

We’ve been EMP’ed!

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