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Friday Linkdump

“and some other guy was wanking in dark street corner looking at women passing by.”

Zappos, that customer relationship poster boy, started out as a droppshipper

Middlemen not to be confused with MiddleMan is on US release today. No sign of UK date yet

relevant: how to sleep outside for free

good tool for testing the new Facebook javascript SDK – when they get round to making the SDK work…

nice resource on influential blogs by subject (weird choice of sub-subjects mind)

…and from that list of the living, to a dead blog that impressed – Ghosts of Alexander – conflict and society in Central Asia

radical economics: question – does radical economics always equal socialist economics? Is that not what we have?

pretty HTML5 app & optimisation

a depression is colourless and odourless. When things go boom, it has already filled the room

Who doesn’t want to become win at this game. Generating good buzz too, Techcrunch & Edge…

crowdsourcing ideas for crowdsourcing Q&A sites.

poker in zero-sec

overused phrase but… actual legends

Belfast needs one of these #bigsociety

different strokes for different folks, but open stack vs hadoop anyone?

nice disconnected article

Think of the modern Lib Dems as the new Liberal Unionists, or the equivalent of the Scottish Unionists who emerged from the ruins of the old Liberal Party”

an evening with utoob…

IDF presents Rock the Casbah. Yes, worth watching again

old scool!

more retro – great times but unbelieveable fps fog

And that’s me going disconnected for a few weeks, save a few choice heartbeat tweets telling y’all how great a mix of sun and alcohol and islands and mountains and football is. Chowder!

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