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Some App Engine Hacks

Google App Engine is a fast way to get into the fundamentals of cloud computing. But as well as having it’s share of important technical restrictions there are also some structural kinks like no support for naked domains and a limit of 10 apps per user account. Fortunately there are hacks around both:

Naked Domains

Due to load-balancing based around CNAME records, Google won’t let you have a nice minimalist http://example.com url for your app. Just set up a 301 HTTP redirect in your .htaccess file to the de facto standard subdomain ‘www’.

Unlimited Apps

This problem was exasperated for a long while by the fact you couldn’t remove apps once created. Thankfully Google now have a delete button, but you still don’t need to use it. Simply register a new Google account and use that to gain another 10 apps. Before you do though, apply for a free mobile pay as you go SIM card that you can then use to receive the validation SMS necessary to activate the new account.

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    thats really helpful

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