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Friday Linkdump

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Civ V out today!

nice web article on web articles

Doug Crockford of json fame is the same Doug Crockford who put Manic Mansion out on the NES all those years ago

fascinating article on how the corporate tech co’s missed out on paid search whilst tech firms in general fail to hold on to their engineering talent at their peril before concluding a twisting tale with an attack on the tangible value of Facebook’s ever-changing ‘platform’. On this last point, I’d offer up that if Facebook really does want to transition it’s users to a social search and thus mark Facebook at the heart of it, it needs to ensure a watertight vision for it’s ecosystem – something it’s abjectly failing to do at the minute with it’s myriad API breaks & deprecations

The Guardian’s Zeitgeist app uses a lot of App Engine features very successfully

“the number one thing that people are doing on the iPad right now is a game called “Angry Birds” in which players throw birds at pigs. The number one thing on the Kindle right now, is reading Stieg Larsson.” The arrival of the iPad seems to have increased Kindle confidence in it’s own market position rather than harm it

idea from the community‘ or rip off of betonsoldier? Not that every FPS ever released hasn’t been guilty of same

for some inexplicable reason, tempted


finest list on the web?

2010 Royal Observatory photography results

making portable apps

unfortunately essential viewing when debugging fb apps

HDR video

ray traced Wolfenstein

hadoop-de-doop * single file ‘doop * throwing out old ‘doop

one thing about javascript games – an open goal for cheats, therefore does it miss out on meaningful ‘connectedness’ online? Surely achievements and online play will be out of bounds period? Or am I missing something?

one step ahead: CIVETS is the new BRIC

is it possible to be holistic in design without over-engineering?

retro kitsch flashback!

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