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Adobe Reader 9: “Windows cannot find …Eula.exe”

PDF won’t open in browser (Firefox/IE/Chrome) after updating to latest Adobe Reader 9? You just need to accept the End User Licence Agreement in the standalone version of Reader first.

Open up Adobe Reader 9 and click Accept. That’s it – you can close it and get back to using it in your browser from now on…

  1. applepluswindows says: 9 November 20105:27 pm

    Thanks a lot!!!
    I thought it was something related to CCleaner (cos whenever I use it, something or the other gets mysteriously disabled)

    I went to Adobe Reader, and it said ‘Installing…’
    After that I restarted Chrome, and it showed the License Agreement, so I clicked ‘Accept’ on both (Adobe Reader and the website) and I refreshed again, and the webpage loaded with the pdf.

    Thanks a LOT

  2. nik toff says: 10 January 201112:00 pm

    Thank you! It was the real and easiest solution

  3. Pip says: 1 April 20113:53 pm

    Ive just updated to adobe reader 10, and it wont even open in order to access the end user licence agreement

  4. Christina says: 9 April 20111:19 am

    Hahaha – I was having this problem, and was getting so pissed! Finally found this thread, opened up Adobe, clicked ‘Accept’, tried to view my bill in Firefox again, and voila! THANKS!

  5. Saikat says: 29 November 201111:40 am

    Thanks a lot.After wasting lot of time got this solution.

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