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How to Opt Out of Targeted Behavioural Advertising

Behavioural advertising involves the tracking of a web user’s surfing and displaying advertising that matches this data. I find the tracking of my surf history unnecessarily obtrusive personally and today found the online tool that will prevent marketing companies from collecting this data and profiting from it:


Incidentally I came by this information by way of Rapleaf, who are one of these ‘database marketing’ companies who engage in datamining browsing habits in a big way. Interestingly I remember them from a TechCrunch article a few years back where they started out innocently enough as an online social networking reputation tool – until eBay didn’t like it encroaching on their space and banned Rapleaf content from sellers auction pages.

If you’re still registered with them and like myself didn’t realise they had morphed into an marketing data company you can delete your account with them here.

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  1. Hiroshima says: 19 December 201512:50 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! We hope to see Rapleaf become a vabllaue tool for job seekers and recruiters to learn about the people they deal with. Please don’t hesitate to email us anytime if you’d like to learn more.Cheers!–DanRapleaf

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