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Pish Design.

Plate Rail Fail - Bad Design.

Following requires fixing:

– 3D glasses.

– the complete fragile ineptitude of Sony earbuds.

– those social newspaper middlemen on facebook that try to force you to share that article on enhanced woman/donkey bonding before you can read it.

– The Google Analytics UI is the most unintuitive experience I’ve had to endure on the web.

– all white tech goods. Apart from original Game Boy.

– haptic feedback on my Sony Ericsson Mini Pro that doesn’t work when my fingers are sweaty or it’s wet. My phone is effectively indoors-only in Belfast.

– Google’s secondary search box has disappeared from the bottom of results page requiring additional scrolling for no obvious gain.

– lack of cross-device cut & paste.

– ‘Google Docs capturing of the right click event destroys Chrome’s ‘search for’ highlighted text function.

– ‘playstation certified gaming’.

– general unfulfillment surrounding our waste water treatment. Assuming Eurotas Technologies can fix this.

– sites that trap the Ctl-f browser shortcut. An HTML implementation of search is not faster than the browser equivalent.

– Google Drive’s folders: preferred it when they were tags/categories. Multidimensional files lost.

– Your ‘last viewed’ position on the twitter timeline not being shared across web & mobile clients.

– ‘recommended for you’ popups at the side of the page before you finish reading an article, never fails to distract the eye.

– Dish racks whose grooves are too shallow to allow plates to rest upright, instead causing them to droop forward & taking up more space (see above).

– Facebook Graph API deprecating multiple images in a single newstream post. By rights they should open up the cool gallery aggregation posts Facebook images already publish with to 3rd party developers. Their developer docs (perhaps written for internal use…) talk about using the complex Image type when creating objects with more than one image, but the example shows only one.

– continued proliferation of incompatible software platforms. What happened to write once run anywhere?

– the price of tablets.

– increasing amounts of ads with auto-playing audio. Fucking Harry von Turbo shite.

– Facebook messaging needs a keyboard shortcut for hitting the reply button.

– tapping the screen to take a photo on smartphones. Most awkward UI feature on my phone.

– not seeing the category of a suggested Doc in Google Docs search.

– Google Calendars should be native to Google Docs. As in, inside the Drive.

– Large Google Doc load times. Native local storage support needs to happen & meanwhile a way to open up docs at the last page too.

– attempting to work an igadget interface while housed in a docking station.

– ikea brada laptop support – nice flat surface, too slippy if you’ve got your knees up at an angle. Needs rubber.

– electrical goods dying in non-temperate climates.

– knees being pressed against the seat in front on flights: easyjet.

– the idea that a geographic region can be the centre of the web.

– television station choices being limited by medium & not being able to subscribe to individual stations in an economical fashion.

– facebook splitting security settings across multiple tabs and menus.

– tees that cut off circulation to the head & arms.

– next generation products less durable than the old ones.

– video sites that prevent you from stopping their adverts playing inside embedded video.

– sites that still highlight incoming google search strings in their text. Okay, so you can tell what I’ve searched for, I get it. Now do my eyes a favour and switch the primary coloured lighting off in here please.

– not being able to right click a collection workspace in google docs to create a document there.

– automated ‘context-aware’ advertising services – they advertise similar products to the ones you hawk on your page. What’s context-aware about selling competing brands?

– toothbrushes that try to massage your teeth instead of leaving a satisfying sandblasted feeling.

– yahoo’s gateway cross-domain login to flickr. Single Sign On with Double Sign Out. Nightmare.

– Google why do you wipe my query when I click from web to news on the top bar? I’m not interested in what you think I want to read. And where is the search box that was at the bottom of the page…

– multiple pocket devices.

– the bewildering array of choice associated with home multimedia. And the very real possibility of choosing something that results in either no audio or crap audio.

– absence of trophy system in older games. Wouldn’t take much to plug it in. Would probably boost sales too.

– soles coming off runners

– kindle UK SKUs: where’s the rest of them? Also the only (admittedly quite big) real improvement the Kindle has given the world over paper is saving space. A book’s battery life is much better. And so are the images. I’m still getting one.

– wikipedia personal appeals. Check the outbound links. There’s a bazillion other sites that would take Google’s top spot if you were to disappear.

– Battlefield3 requiring a browser window to be open before starting the game. Have they any idea how much memory those things consume these days?

– mobile sites that DEMAND location data before proceeding. Bing.com being one.

– the others that force mobile traffic to their half-baked mobile site. Yes I’m browsing via a restricted resolution. No I don’t want to know what your site looks like in WML.

– all mobile-specific site jiggory pokery in general. YouTube’s “the content owner has not made this available on mobile” is one of the most annoying bugs on the mobile internet.

– SE Xperia Mini Pro’s usb plug cover. If I have to use a knife to do a routine task it’s not working.

– where are all the air fresheners for men? I don’t want my rooms smelling of flowers.

– Google chrome doesn’t come with the ability to disable auto refresh on sites that get paid to pump out advertising by the minute. Reading, reading, reading WHOA IN MA INTERNETS KILLIN’ MA AYES.

– these sites that autorefresh, doing so every 4 minutes on a page that hosts a 40 minute flash video stream. That’s you Minyanville.

– Windows 7 stickies app windows in weird ways for no good reason. Alt+Tab works thankfully but clicking on an out of focus app window? Nope.

– earbuds: none of them have stayed in when I go running.

– not being clear on if/how much you’re getting charged when using a mobile. The +44 in the UK == international call bollocks.

– on some handsets, never quite being sure whether it would use overseas data networks without prompt and turning all data services off just in case. A SE Mini Pro update did away with this annoyance.

– the cabal of airline payment systems that judges a £10 fee for the privilege of paying them to be an appropriate way to do business.

– plane seats. Tilting back mechanisms should be disabled.

– the decibel level of modern computers. Go water cooled, then go submerged.

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