— aleatory

Ok so I’ve taken in a few experiences in the first 10 years of my adult life. Been shot at, shooting back, laughing at it, fallen in love, off skis, out with people, watched the sunrise, the sunset, the sky in between, learned to program, to hack, to make do, adjusted to life in the cubicle, life in the backcountry, visited barren places, crowded places, the places in between, been cold, wet & sad, been cold, wet & happy, laughed at my brother, with my brother, learned from my brother, watched, acted on & rode the numbers, supported football, loved football, hated football. Now the idea is to sit back a bit, create something & put it out there for someone else to have a go.

I cannot bring myself to talk in the Third Person.  Yet.

Now you do your job and let me do mine.
Capt. Steele Black Hawk Down

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