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Free wifi is good. Lots of places do it. McDonalds is the big one, providing wifi in it’s outlets all over the country.


Laptops still consume too much energy. For those of us who refuse to drop our netbooks in favour of phones, this presents a problem. Happily though there are free wifi hotspots that whether unwittingly or not also supply publicly accessible plugpoints.

Here is my attempt to map them out – everyone is free to contribute. Only add locations that have both free wifi & power points. Insert a green placemark if wifi is unfettered, red if there are restrictions such as site blockers or excessive time limits (instant arbitrary decision: anything under 12 hours). Give a description of wifi provider & location of plug point.

You’ll find FreeMap here.

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traffic sources: 60% referring sites 20% direct 20% search engines.

60% of hits were from macs! I was absolutely shocked at that I have to admit.

aleatory is the 8th result for “newsflow algorithms” on google.co.uk – Not bad for 3 posts on the subject! I’ll consider myself a subject matter expert if I can break into the top 5 :)

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