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Civ V out today!

nice web article on web articles

Doug Crockford of json fame is the same Doug Crockford who put Manic Mansion out on the NES all those years ago

fascinating article on how the corporate tech co’s missed out on paid search whilst tech firms in general fail to hold on to their engineering talent at their peril before concluding a twisting tale with an attack on the tangible value of Facebook’s ever-changing ‘platform’. On this last point, I’d offer up that if Facebook really does want to transition it’s users to a social search and thus mark Facebook at the heart of it, it needs to ensure a watertight vision for it’s ecosystem – something it’s abjectly failing to do at the minute with it’s myriad API breaks & deprecations

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“and some other guy was wanking in dark street corner looking at women passing by.”

Zappos, that customer relationship poster boy, started out as a droppshipper

Middlemen not to be confused with MiddleMan is on US release today. No sign of UK date yet

relevant: how to sleep outside for free

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Take deep breath and…


High Contrast Image
I just got me some contrast

true UI innovation – prefab

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the latest I Am Fighter

whatever happened to http://datatables.org/

Deadlock immunity is a new paradigm in autonomous software mimicking natural systems: An equipped machine records a deadlock pattern, uploads this vaccine to the cloud and pending staged verification the entire network benefits from it. Dimmunix is an open source implementation.

any Belfastards report to the 2009 Feltron effort?

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ninja monkey
I previously hit on the problem of China as a source (or at least carrier) of malware. Perhaps because of this I’ve been taking a greater interest in news from the Orient. And it seems weird shit regularly goes down in China: ninja monkeys & explosive sausages

I liked remote farming , also signed up as a spotter

In a counter-counter-culture rage, I bought two t-shirts @ https://shop.conservatives.com/

Searching “Belfast Telegraph startup” on Google brings back a BT article about the startups in Dublin. Just another reason why NI needs another national newspaper

Emerging markets & Stamps were the best performing investments of the past decade

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US Navy lags 18 months behind Wired who spat out a Piracy-awareness (well what else do you call it?) game in July. While the lag is shocking (won’t there be a new crisis by 2011?) each will be distributed to a different audience. The web may be open, but people still work with what they know – trenchline browsing.

green soothing light of slashdotThe Soothing Green Light

I initially thought this was going to be a ridiculous article. 5 paragraphs later I was proved wrong. Rings very true but does this mean we’re now going to be inundated with sites imploring us to level up?

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linking to a specific time frame in youtube vids – append ‘#t=xmys’ to the url, where x,y are the number of seconds, minutes respectively like this

picked this up late – you can now delete your GAE apps

the great big massive ‘subscribe via email’ at the top of Boris Johnson’s blog tells me feeds might still just be a data muncher thing

“Can we just look at what the local market is, instead of dreaming of a large spaceship coming here from Japan and giving us some hi-tech employment.” Local businessman’s opinion on the money being splashed out in the regional development agencies race for ‘hi-tech’

get rich or die tryin’

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Are you currently in South Waziristan? Crowd-sourced news BBC style – “At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

phrase of the week: digital triumphalism < < the lording over people who don't grok has got to stop. Especially on Twitter repeat-after-me.jpgM$ celebrate launch of Windows 7 with pre-installed zombie mode

looking for a new typeface for the web but don’t want to force the user to download new fonts or waste bandwidth on fugly images? The 80s has your answer my friend

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milliondollarhomepage.com 2.0

best site tagline

look just build a fucking football stadium on it


cool retro branding but way too much web2.0 nicey nicey fuck you thricey metaphor use

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iphone in most popular camera on flickr shock – 2 megapixel camera – my 3 year old phone is better than that!

Worrying developments, When I criss-crossed the Tajik-Afghani border last month the tense atmosphere was palpable. Tajiks largely ignored what went on 100metres across the river – or pretended to at least.

8bit choons

javascript game engine

Yahoo Pipes outputs serialised php. All they need to do now is open up the pipe creation process to an api and we’re in business.

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