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notification adverts
not really a fan of this from a ux pov, wonder what general feedback is

better than paypal for micropayments?

facebook cpc click fraud controversy – reading the WickedFire board was fun

cool tool

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3 things twitter *needs* in it’s web interface –

  • it already tells you how many new DMs you have without moving from your homepage – why not @rutherford responses and RTs?
  • the ‘in response to’ footer should point us to the conversation the person we follow was updating, not just the single status update. Something similar to Facebook’s wall-to-wall.
  • a RT option beside the fave and reply buttons.
  • Secondary markets for private companies. SecondMarket.com is the first to go beyond Accredited Investors – service available to all sellers

    Sony’s answer to my – so far unique – Facebook app

    Manhattan Auction – does this actually help shift equity?

    Nice rebuttal of Google Analytics criticism

    Backing up my post on Wednesday

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    Chrome gets faster

    wolfenstein 3d javascript port cum flickr mashup

    My hosting provider just granted universal unlimited space and traffic for a few quid a month. Interested? Sign up here

    We need an animoto for video – something that will cut according to audio, action, soundtrack, ‘whitespace’, etc automagically. The technologies bound to be there and it’d make for instant polished moving pictures publishing, allowing viewers to follow in near realtime and participants to get on with the event.

    more on the vc funding thing

    the suits
    more attack of the suits

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    Addition to provisional blogroll

    erlang better suited to rapid development of distributed high availability systems than c++

    hmmm erlang eh…

    and it’s going to win the war soldier…

    gnuTrade has an api

    Hopefully not gone for long

    left-wing mashups

    Integrate feedburner & google analytics statistics?

    I want this guy for my game music

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    Norn Iron hack guy – and thanks for the mint plants!

    If earnings have ‘beaten’ analyst estimates yet fallen so sharply, perhaps an important question might be are the analyst estimates for these companies market cap equally low?

    Having fun with Google insights – certainly looks to have predictive qualities about it I feel. No better barometer of the mass market? #moreonthislater

    If this is a bear market rally, what this guy is saying about current ‘stabilising economy’ stories that have been fashionable of late is true

    weapons + procedural code = avalanche

    MyBlogLog and all associated community interaction remains the most confusing thing on the web today. From both a what’s under-the-hood POV & a what is it’s purpose one. Rivalled maybe by disqus.com

    Mac creatives no different to the rest of us? #flamebait & taking things too seriously?

    anyone been to the casino?

    came up against this buglet in Django templates

    The economics of piracy

    I googled for consensus on this – before I found it on the existing UI right in front of me. Not sure whether that says more about me or the interface?

    found out radio surf’s playlist. yes that playlist – but it seems it’s an in-house creation?

    appstore game dev releases sales figures as marketing ploy, rest of universe copies. Enough already!

    I don’t think a word has ever promised so much yet delivered so little

    wordpress 2.2.1 sucks arse on Chrome.

    more word up – sockpuppet & astroturfing

    for pc, xbox360 and zune. why no ps3 competitor?

    seriously, wtf?

    hmm, how far can I stretch this?

    image of last week“so who do you really work for?” 

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    Technology does not always help; the distraction that almost lost the war

    Technorati lays off 10% (4!) of it’s workforce, TechCrunch reports it states the reduction is not due to a lack of growth – I’ll tell you what it’s due to for free – Technorati sucks as a blog search tool. I have never got more than one insightful relevant blog posting in any search I’ve made via that site if at all.

    how to take screenshots/vids on the ps3

    dbs in the sky – shared nothing architecture, faster, simpler

    a twitter viral

    Ligit.com – indexing your online content and that of your network for others to search, neat idea but what if part of me says “I don’t care who I get my results from”? Another search vector and potentially highly effective, but surely only as good as the users network? I’m sure the great social meme will ensure it rockets though.Edit: I went away and thought how easy it would be to create a copycat service using Google Custom Search Engine – then read that’s exactly what Ligit does…

    StockTwits web2.0’s answer to trade ideas something that was started back in 2005, as a kind of semi-open (to the industry itself that is) banking cooperative. Back in the days when banks didn’t do cooperative.In the same vein

    I’m addicted to SL business stories

    I subscribe to a bunch of other blogs, yet don’t really have a blogroll as such yet. But when I do Howard Lindzon will be on it.

    The best wiki?

    the suits
    oh noes – the suits are in!! The elephant is about to enter the room. Still cron support is most welcome.

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    happy that roaming data rates will fall, maybe even rendering the service useful? 

    Someday I will get round to hacking these things – netbooks diy minority report arduino

    social security for freelancers – can’t believe webworkerdaily, techcrunch, etc aren’t covering this, ofte wonder if they’re seriously interested in the online ecosystem?

    SWFscan.  Got a mail on this the other day – how (in)secure are flash apps?  I’ve never heard of a flash (read: silverlight/flex/any other ria tech) security expert…

    swish new look for the micro$oft web partners?

    Caught with his pants down

    Ever experienced one of these? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob

    How I laughed

      Royal Mount Ambush on Upper Lips and agreeing with the chap a bit. 

    A career move?

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    How Android can interface with Web APIs.  But why only 140 apps in Android Market?

    I’m really liking Chrome’s OneBox.

    Read this to see why we’re heading past S&P 600 then this to find out why we won’t hit it right now.  I won’t pretend to fully comprehend the math behind the first viewpoint but I’ll get there damnit.

    How big will this grow? http://schoolofeverything.com/

    The people powered internets

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    PhpQuery  Brings jquery css selectors to php, negating the need for static in-place html file manipulation or heavy lifting with xml libs (bearing in mind SimpleXml only offers read-only access) .  For those well-versed in the original client side library, anything that brings the tools of the two tiers closer together must be a good thing.

    How to remove the stripe from my plasma.

    DIY Broker/Dealer – surely only a matter of time before government begins to give out grants for any such financial innovators?! 

    Watched an old Hacker Defender rootkit vid while cleaning out my main laptop last night.  Doesn’t appear to be active any longer?  What’s the leading (in)security tool in a post-Vista world?  The Bluepill poc was the closest to ‘new’ & ‘works’ (well, maybe) that I could find.  I’m obviously not moving in the right circles

    Thummit Twitter powered sentiment engine.  Not sure how it works at this stage and it’s a US-only beta for now.

    Noted how Scalr‘s feature set is ahead of Amazon’s own management console, for now at least.  It uses preset Amazon Machine Images to setup a self-scaling environment.

    User/Developer interaction widget.  Not a new idea apparently but the Scalr site was the first I’d seen of one.

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